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Posted by LL

I have been suffering from stomach pain and discomfort on and off for years, it gets worse with my stress and emotions. I have tried many doctors and different medicines, but they only worked for short time. By a friend’s suggestion, I went to China Acupuncture for a treatment. Dr. Song gave me a complete exam in Chinese medicine including my history, my tongue and my pulse, and told me that I have sufferd from “Liver attack Stomach” in chinese medicine. She suggested me to try acupuncture and herbal granules together. After a few weeks of treatment, my stomach pain and discomfort was gone. Even though I still have emotional pain sometimes, it doesn’t bother me any more. I am very very happy to have gotten rid of stomach pain and discomfort. And I am more calm now. Thanks to Dr. Song and her wonderful treatments.

Posted by Jennifer

OMG Dr. Song saved me! Im a 24 year old female and got Bell’s Palsy a few weeks ago. Words cannot describe how horrified I was when I first saw my crooked face in the mirror. I came home late the night before and fell asleep on the couch with a fan blowing at me head. When I woke up in the morning, my left face felt very tight and numb. I thought it was because I slept wrong. When I looked into the mirror, I was so horrified from what I saw. I was screaming for my life and almost fainted. My mouth was almost in the middle of my left cheek and I couldnt close my left eye. I looked like a monster! My family did some research online and found out my condition is called Bells Palsy and needs to be treated ASAP. Acupuncture is a good way to effectively treat it. A friend of mine referred Dr Song and I made an appointment to see her a few days later. I couldnt drink anything without it leaking thru the corner of my mouth, I was constantly drooling and my left eye was very dry/red from staying open, it was the worst few days of my life. When I saw Dr Song, she understood what happened to me right away. She told me to relax and started working on my face gently. I have been going to Dr Song for a couple weeks now and I have improved about 60% better!!!! I can almost close my eye and not drooling or leaking fluid anymore. Dr Song gave me the confidence that I will recover with a couple more weeks’ of treatments. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that Dr Song came into my life. Since the accident, I have not gone out to public until yesterday, Dr Song made sure I stay away from wind sources (AC, fan…etc) to avoid it happening again. Dr Song and Acupuncture saved my face!!!

Posted by Carlos

I have been a recent patient at this facility. Dr Li was great while working on my knee from previous knee surgery due from sports. I was provided with great service from these doctors as well as proper care. After a few visits, my knee was feeling much better without the pain meds. My surgery was minor cartilage tare so it wasn’t so bad, but I wanted to find out if acupuncture was as good as they say as an alternative. I loved it. I do have plans of visiting in the future for other needs as they arise and I would recommend Dr Li and Song for many others. My treatment was very basic with just needs and stem therapy, but it worked wonders in helping me with my pain management and recovery. I would recommend this office to many others and I hoped my review helped. os

Posted by Lauren

With an office job, I have been working in front of computers everyday for a couple years now. I started having real bad pain in my right hand and wrist; I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My initial treatments don’t seem to work very well. Per a friend’s recommendation, I went to see Dr. Song, an acupuncturist in Carrolwood, Tampa. She has done an amazing job treating my Carpel Tunnel with Acupuncture and some sort of special Chinese massage. I have had a few treatments and my hands are a lot less painful, even after working a long day on the keyboard. I am very grateful for Dr. Song’s wonderful treatment. =)

Posted by Sue D

I suffered from severe migraine for over 20 years and I tried everything without much result from any of the doctors. They could not figure out what was wrong with me. A friend recommended Acupuncture so I tried it. After my first visit to Dr. Song, I noticed I felt a little better. After my 5th visit, the migraine was gone. This is amazing since I have had a migraine almost every day for as long as I can remember. Dr Li and Dr Song are just wonderful and they are very kind and caring. I am so glad I found them. If you have any health issues, including anything western medical professionals cannot diagnose, I strongly recommend an appointment with Dr Song or Dr Li and try Acupuncture. I wish I had tried it sooner myself.

Posted by Mary

I feel like a different person! Dr. Li and Dr. Song are just wonderful. I was referred by a coworker who has been going to Dr. Li for back pain. I started having serious neck pain and migraines after an auto accident. It was getting gradaully worse, and none of the pain meds I was prescribed or Chiroprator visits worked. I couldnt sleep well for days at a time and was constantly moody due to the pain and lack of rest. All that changed when I went to see Dr. Song and Dr. Li. After the first treatment I was in much less pain and felt great. I was able to sleep well for the first time in weeks. During the consult, Dr. Song asked me for my symptoms and listened very carefully. I felt very comfortable as she asked me some additional questions and explained the treatment plan with me before starting the session. When she was done with the needles, which btw did not hurt at all, she placed a heat lamp over the same area which felt very comfortable and relaxing. I laid there for 30 minutes and actually fell asleep in the mean time, taking a good nap. They also played a soft melody throughout the clinic. My current treatment plan is twice a week. Sometimes I also go in when I am having a real bad day and when I am done I feel like a completely different person. It is miraculuos how much Dr. Song and Dr. Li have helped me.I DEFINITELY recommend these miracle workers to everyone.

Posted by Cherry

I’ve been going to Dr.s’ Li and Song for many yrs. I frist experienced acupucture back in 1995 suffering sever migrain headaches. After 6wks. of therapy I had no reaccuring migrains ever again! It was wonderful to say the least. At present, am seeing Dr. Song for lower backache (sciatica), joint pain (arthritis) and neck/ “frozen” shoulder pain. I go whenever I need it. They have accommodated my phone calls everytime I need them. I no longer need pain pills (percocets 2tabs every6-8hrs.) because treatments work better without the side effects of pain meds. Was on Valiums for muscle spasms but no longer take that either. Dr. Song does this “cupping” treatment which works wonders. It definitely is cheaper than the other hemopathic treatments out there. And Depression???? What depression? Lowered my doses to a fraction of what I was taking. And no suicidal thoughts!!! Very relaxing, you literally are on “cloud nine.” Am refreshed and energized after and could go for wks. till I need another treatment. Whatever you do, have an open mind before you go and let your body feel the difference. She also has this antitoxin tea which has a great cleasing effect (on me anyway), everyones’ body is different. Acupucture treats everything that ails you. There was an elderly man (swear he was in his 90′s), oriental, walks with a cane and quite well too who comes in now and then. But man, he looks great!!! And can move!!! I love my treatments and I would highly recommand it to anyone . Thank you for this opportunity to have my say. I even handed my primary physician business cards to give to her patients!